As a team of developers who have worked career-long as freelancers and within agencies, we have seen the best and the worst of both worlds.

We wanted to provide top development talent for software, web and code projects without having to tie our customers into any contracts and with the guarantee of availability, getting the best bits out of the agency and freelance models.


devinmy.team uses a “pay-as-you-code” model, where you top up credit in advance. The more hours you buy at once, the cheaper it gets thanks to our block rates

No Contracts

It’s hard to know what the future might hold, so we never tie our customers into a contract. There’s no minimum term, no minimum spend, and no notice period. You just top up and go. It really is that straight forward.

Speak to a developer directly

When you get in touch with devinmy.team you are getting in touch with a developer directly. We believe this is important when building a relationship because you know there’s no sales targets, no account management overheads, and no distractions. You can have a direct conversation about what needs to be done with a proper expert, and they will then go and get it done - just like you would with an employee.

Your first hour is free

See how we work before committing - we'll give you one hour of development time on the house when you create an account
(and we won't ask for your card details).
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Our Rates

Nothing to hide here! We are always transparent and up-front about our pricing.

1 hour block

£70 +VAT

5 hour block

£325 +VAT

/£65 +VAT per hour
10 hour block

£600 +VAT

/£60 +VAT per hour
20 hour block

£1,100 +VAT

/£55 +VAT per hour